The 2024 programme is under development and will be updated soon

Please see the CSAMA 2023 Programme for a previous example of the structure and content.

Tentative Lecture and Lab topics

  • RNA-Seq from raw data to DESeq2: mapping, quantification at gene and transcript level, gamma-Poisson model, DESeq2
  • Single cell (droplet based) RNA-seq: exploratory analysis, quality assessment, dimension reduction (incl., t-SNE, UMAP)
  • Visualisation / graphics, PCA and other low-dimensional embeddings, Clustering, distances, nearest-neighbour graphs (with sc-RNA-Seq examples)
  • Statistical hypothesis testing, false discovery rate, multiple testing, filtering and weighting
  • Regression: more on design matrices, power, identifiability, diagnostics, generalized linear models for count data
  • Classification / supervised machine learning
  • Image-based data and Spatial omics (CODEX, MERFISH et al.)
  • Introduction to the Bioconductor project (community, organisational structure, website, important infrastructure packages, data structures, annotation resources)
  • Immunobioinformatics
  • Mass spectrometry-based proteomics and metabolomics
  • Emerging topics and participant suggestions